GET LOST MT Goes Mobile

Digital Marketing
June 7, 2012

Just as the GET LOST (IN MONTANA) (GLMT) campaign is hitting televisions around the state, the site has geared up to hit the small screen. The Montana Office of Tourism (MTOT) released a mobile version of the site this spring while GET LOST the iPhone and Android app will be available for download by the middle of June.

Following is an interview with the MTOT e-Marketing team of Thurston Elfstrom and Norm Dwyer about the new Get Lost mobile app.

MTOT: Why did we feel there was a need to make GetLostMT mobile?

Norm: GLMT has been such a phenomenal success, locals really identify with it. The best way to get those locals sharing what they love about their state is to give them the tools to do it on the ground; when they're experiencing a place for themselves.

MTOT: So what does it mean that Get Lost is mobile?

Thurston: Basically it means that we have made Get Lost friendly for smartphones like iPhone and Androids. What's great about mobile is that people can use their phone to find things around them. With the mobile versions of Get Lost, you can pull up things to see and do that are nearby anywhere you are in the state. Additionally, we have created an app that is the perfect tool that allows users to add stories from the road.

MTOT: I've used Get Lost since it went live and I have an extensive Bucket List. Is that available on the mobile site and on the app?

Norm: Yes, anything that is on your bucket list on the main site will appear on the app and vice versa. The same applies for all of the stories and trips on Get Lost.

MTOT: So how do people actually use our app?

Thurston: The app has all the functionality of the desktop and mobile website, so you can discover places nearby, as well as add things to your Bucket List. But what we really built the app to do is allow people to add places to eat, places to stay, places to go while they are enjoying those places. So you can snap a photo and add a story to Get Lost on the go.

MTOT: So why would someone use this as opposed to something like Yelp or Urban Spoon; something that is already out there?

Norm: The reason I use it and absolutely love it is that you get the opportunity to discover things that are really quite unique hidden gems. Get Lost is all about sharing and not rating, so unlike the reviews and ratings on sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp or Urban Spoon, the stories that are shared on Get Lost are written from the locals' point of view.

Thurston: This product really is of Montanan's and for Montanans. But the beauty is that it is something that can be leveraged by any visitor to the state - especially for someone seeking the truly unique - that is Get Lost's strength.

MTOT: So where can people find the app?

Thurston: The app is located in the Apple App Store , (for iPhone,) and the Google Play Market, (for Android.) And of course, if you go to on your smartphone, then you will get the mobile version of the site.