Film Office Busy Assisting Production Crews

Film Office
June 7, 2012


“American Homestead” Preps for a Summer Shoot

Montana will play a character in the upcoming Montana-made feature film, “American Homestead”. Set in Montana in the early 1900s, the film tells the story of a brother and sister as they try to make their way in early 20th century Montana. Montana Film Office (MFO) staff took the production company on a location scout around the Virginia City and Bozeman areas last month. Production is set to begin in July.

“American Homestead” submitted their story to our Pitch the 406 contest last year. Watch the pitch here.

Chevy Avalanche’s Spring Still Shoot

They asked for snow...the MFO said come and get it! A private ranch outside of Bozeman set the backdrop for a Chevy Avalanche shoot this spring. The photographs will be used for Chevy's marketing material and online.

The production company hired local crew members and talent and shot on location for two days. The company raved about Montana's crew and enjoyed the vibe of downtown Bozeman. They had a wonderful experience in Montana and the MFO hopes they will choose Montana for future projects as well.

Billings Clinic

The Billings Clinic will be featured in two television spots called “Answers” that shot in early June for three days in and around Billings. The production company hired local crew for a number of services including location scouting, art direction, craft services, grips and production assistants.