MFO Hits the Film Festivals to Market Montana

Film Office
February 28, 2011

Film Office Winter Update

Recent Festivals

Sundance Film Festival

The Montana Film Office (MFO) once again partnered with the Bozeman Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) to market Montana and Bozeman to the film industry at one of the most influential and well-attended film festivals in the United States, the Sundance Film Festival, January 20-20, 2011.

Sundance Filmmakers Reception

The MFO and Bozeman CVB had a week-long presence on Park City’s Main Street in the Moving Pictures lounge. The partnership with Moving Pictures offered many benefits, including extensive signage and presence at the lounge, a meeting space while at the festival and a perfect location to host the Montana Film Office/Bozeman CVB filmmaker reception on January 23 for producers and directors that attended the festival.

Filmmaker Bags offered at the Reception

Montana musician Stephanie Quayle provided the perfect blend of musical entertainment and Montana flair. The MFO also took part in the Sundance Institute’s Outreach booth where non-profit organizations spend time in the filmmakers lounge talking to filmmakers about their offerings. To cap things off, the MFO also took part in a brunch co-hosted by the Association of Film Commissioners International, AFCI on Monday January 24.

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

The MFO was pleased to return for a seventh time as a supporter to the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival held in Missoula, MT, February 11-20, 2011. "The Montana Film Office has been a part of this festival since its beginnings and we are really pleased that it is a self-sustaining film festival that brings in top documentary filmmakers from all over the world every year," said Sten Iversen, MFO Manager.

Filmmaker Reception at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Approximately 15 notable documentary films are shot in Montana every year that lead to economic benefit to the communities they were shot in as well as national exposure to Montana’s stories, making this festival the MFO’s top marketing event focusing on documentary filmmaking.

Filmmakers journey to Montana every year to screen their films and take part in this welcoming, filmmaker-friendly environment. The Montana Film Office held a “Welcome to Montana” reception for the visiting filmmakers and VIPs, as it has done in years past. The MFO also had a presence in the Filmmakers Lounge for the entire festival, as well as both print and Internet presences for the festival.